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Summer Picnic/BBQ Day Aug  2022

We had a fantastic summer picnic, BBQ & games on 8/13 in Cantiague Park for the whole English congregation, and it sure was a real blessing for the Lord. The turn up is the largest ever. There were many newcomers, some walked into the park, due to our church website! (Woohoo! Church website works!).  We also had a Hispanic family that came for the BBQ/Picnic from grandpa to parents & kids, 3 generations! Lei & Min went and prayed for their son before. We also met a number of others whom I may not have gotten their names.


It was so good for me to meet them personally & talked to them! I love meeting new people. I also met Peter Lin (Gina’s husband)’s 98 years old father, smiling and he stood up from his chair with a walking stick and shook my hands. I am blown away with such good shape 98 years old man, my first time experience shaking hands with  such aged man. They are blessed !


Big thank you to Philip who organized such a beautiful Picnic/BBQ with his team Gina, Min, Gary & Lam. Gary and Lam BBQ’ such delicious meat for most of the time by the grille, such great delicious food! Thank you Chaplain Gary & Lam. Thanks to Charli Chi for organizing good games for the day including the famous jumping sacks…which I also participated which really got my competitiveness going. LOL.


The food was great, atmosphere was great, the Lord gave us an incredibly good weather that day, low humidity and nothing in the 90’s like last week.


I hope we can organize twice a year this church BBQ/Picnic, may be next year’s Spring break like April with a bigger group! Let us know how you like the Picnic/BBQ/Games.


Below are the photos/videos.



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